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Aubrey Kliaman M.A.

Building a foundation for a competent and resilient future

“Vision for a more peaceful society begins with children who grow up in a supportive, nurturing environment, that facilitates a child’s ability to navigate through their world, gaining insights from their experiences.” - Aubrey Kliaman 


Aubrey Kliaman M.A. is a Child Development Specialist with over twenty years of experience working with children and families.  

“Trust and relationships are at the root of all learning.  We must feel safe, emotionally, socially, physically, in order to do our best thinking.  It is through that trust and relationship that we begin to take risks, make mistakes, learn to solve our own conflicts, and build empathy for those around us.”

-Aubrey Kliaman

Aubrey Kliaman M.A.


Happy Family

For Families, Parents, and Caregivers

Provides guidance and support tools for families with children ages 0-8 on best developmentally appropriate practices.

**Individual or Group


Elementary Classroom

For Schools and Educators

Consultation and professional development for preschools on programming, curriculum, and staff management.


In Class

Educational Support

Provides support for children pre-k to elementary age, specializing in creating individualized strength-based plans and implementation.


Covid-19: Let's Talk About the Plan
A resource to help young children understand the pandemic



“Aubrey has a natural ability to connect with parents and guardians so they will feel inspired to create healthy family systems.  Aubrey’s remarkable talent in her field is a gift to all who have the opportunity to work with her.”

—  Melissa Shafer

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