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speaking engagements

Upcoming Virtual Event

Understanding behaviors and an Introduction to the I.N.V.E.S.T©  method

Date and time TBD

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Past Engagements

  • Mindfulness Practices in Parenting, What Was, What Is, and What Can Be

  • Sensory Integration Strategies for Teachers (LAUSD)  

  • Creating an Emotionally Safe Space for Children                                     

  • Adoption Parent Support Event (Co-Host) Vista Del Mar

  • LGBTQ Parent Adoption Support Event (Host) Vista Del Mar

  • Fostering Early Literacy Development (5 hour intensive) 

  • Early Childhood Theory 

  • Creative Curriculum for Young Children

  • Creating Creative Experiences for Young Children

  • In Defense of Play

  • The Importance of Multi-Sensory Facilitation

  • Language Development/Communication in Early Childhood

  • Conscious Communication

  • Fostering Math Readiness in the Early Childhood setting

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