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Did Covid Cancel Halloween?!? Boo, what to do?

Is Halloween Canceled this year?

Covid-19 has caused many changes for 2020. One of the most recent changes is that the city of Los Angeles posted regulations that stated, events, gatherings parties, or festivals with non household members will not be allowed this Halloween even if being held outside. Further, it is also not recommended that people trick or treat house to house or even car to car as it is risky to share food items and can be difficult to avoid being in close proximity to others.

Different regions and states will have different recommendations and rules about public safety and Halloween this year, so make sure you check your local regulations.

For many families, Halloween is a magical time. Carefully decorating the house, choosing and/or creating handmade costumes, and making the nights plan with excitement. Then there's the excitement of seeing all the costumes as children go door to door. And let's not forget about the candy!

The question is what CAN we still do?

Good news! Many parts of Halloween are not cancelled! Here's a list of a few:

  • Pumpkin carving,

  • Making, buying, and wearing costumes,

  • Decorating the house,

  • Eating Halloween candy,

  • Watching Halloween movies,

  • Listening to Hallowing music,

  • Taking Halloween pictures,

  • Driving around to see decorated houses.

What about trick or treating?

  1. Tick or Treat in Each Room of the House: For young children, you can trick or treat in the house, going from door to door, bedrooms, living room, dining room, etc.

  2. Set up stations in your backyard: if you have a backyard set up decorated table stations, where children can stop at each station for a treat. Get creative with it. You can make games for the kids to play, like ring toss, an obstacle course, get the ball in the basket, or create a treasure hunt with clues.

  3. Children love to get involved. Enlist their help in a special project of their own, like decorating their bedroom door, or making signs to hang in the windows.

We know these ideas don’t replace the Halloween experience that your children were probably looking forward to, but maybe it will create new traditions and memories for children to look forward to next year.

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